Queensland Building Boost Extended

Queensland Building Boost Extended

The Queensland State government announced Friday it would be extending the $10,000 Building Boost Grant by three months to the end of April. This will mean a huge difference to the Queensland Building industry as well as the state’s property marketl as investors and home buyers from around the country see the resources-rich state as the perfect place to build a new home.

The Housing Industry Association says the extension comes at a critical time for builders.

“The extension of the boost will help the home building industry to gather some momentum and build on the early signs of recovery late last year,” HIA spokesman Stuart Collins said

“The boost had played a part in rekindling interest in building a home.

“Combined with the lift in affordability from lower interest rates and fierce competition among builders, it has made it a great time for building a new home.”

Across the state builders and agents are seeing the effects of those factors as the property market ramps up for a big year. 2012 will be a great year to purchase a property in Queensland, there’s no doubt.


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