ISG teams up with drag girl, Renae Dobson

ISG teams up with drag girl, Renae Dobson

The West Australian drag racing circuit is one of the best in the country with over 350 teams competing across 5 fields. Crowds can get up to 8,000 at some of the bigger events. One of the biggest crowd pullers is new racing princess Renae Dobson, daughter of the famous Funny Car champion Allan Dobson. Allan is now Renae’s coach and manager but it was hard for his daughter to convince him it was a good idea to let her race. “I thought she was joking when she came to me,” Dobson reveals, “It’s a pretty dangerous sport because you’re trying to harness 150 horse power of pure power.” But 19 year old Renae wasn’t stoppable. “I have seen my dad race heaps and new that I wanted to give it a go too”, explains Renae, “so I wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.” She has since put all doubts behind her. In a trial run earlier in the year, Renae scored a reaction time of less than 1,000ths of a second. Her father’s ego was a little bruised but his pride was bursting. “When she scored that reaction time, which I have never done one that quick, I said to myself, that’s my girl!” Renae has managed to put the cost of the car together with a bit of help from sponsors including ISG who are happy to stand beside her in her quest for speed. We see Renae’s challenge similar to the challenges of investing in property. The most difficult part is getting yourself to the start line and to do that, you need a good team of experienced people around to support you. Once you’re ready to go, it takes guts and determination to put your foot down and go for it. But when you’ve left the start line behind, the exhileration and fun kicks in. We help clients by taking away the stress involved in all the preparation involved in investing in property. What the client needs to bring with them is confidence in our ability to help them as well as confidence in themselves to go for it. Then they can sit back and enjoy the ride!


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